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2006 Best Fashion Cover Winner

(September 2005)
Style Issue, featuring woman with red lips veiled in white floral headpiece

The September Style Issue featured all the elements of a Departures fashion shoot—the concept, the photographer, and stylist—coming together in one minimalist moment. In turn, the 12-page fashion portfolio Dark Victory produced one of the strongest cover images in 2005. The Susan van der Linde headpiece thinly veiled the model’s features, allowing ruby-red lips to pop off the cover. The image captures the sophistication and glamour of the fall fashion season.

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Second Place (2-way tie)

The New Yorker (March 20, 2006)Illustration of thin model on runway watched by fuller-figured women in the audience

Capturing what’s fashionable, and giving form and shape to it, is one of the essential functions of most magazines. The New Yorker may not be the magazine that will tell its readers which shoes to wear, but aims to be the one that will context to an interest in fashion. This cover, “The Skinny on Fashion” by Seth, does not endorse or promote any fashion house. But it does say that what is shown on the runway was never meant to be anything than a fleeting dream, a flight of fancy, and a wild burst of imagination.

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W (November 2005)Kate Moss in white top

In the fall of 2005, front-page tabloid pictures of Kate Moss allegedly snorting cocaine left the fashion industry reeling. Major houses panicked and abruptly ended contracts with the model. W, however, planned a Kate Moss November cover, and the result was a Mario Sorrenti portrait of the luminous icon dressed in elegant Calvin Klein, hot off the spring runway. W’s decision was either influential or prescient—after the initial uproar, Moss went on to enjoy what may be her most lucrative year.

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