Đăng bởi: mayxam | Tháng Sáu 27, 2007

2006 Best Service Cover Winner

Time Out New York (January 5-11, 2006)Fitness issue, featuring an empty dinner plate

This cover speaks not only to sin but to virtue as well, gluttony trumped by abstinence and guilt blunted by hope. Over indulging at holiday meals is not only expected but also encouraged, hence it has become a societal ritual that after months of feasting, so many of us indulge thoughts of returning to the gym. This meal is a very specific one, and is iconic in American Holiday culture, so while not shared by all, is understood by all. I think it is an excellent example of service, since it simultaneously pokes fun, while making one feel fat.

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Second Place

New York (May 1, 2006)“Brooklyn Style” featuring interior spreads

For its issue on Brooklyn Style, New York created a bold and distinctive “metacover” that treats its subject – the borough’s flourishing home, furniture and product design scene. The issue’s premise was that what unites these design artists was a deconstructionist ideology. So in that spirit, the magazine turned itself inside out, giving readers the magazine’s “guts” up front in an exterior made up of pieces of its interior.

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Third Place (3-way tie)

BusinessWeek (July 24, 2006)Retirement issue, featuring executive talking to analyst about retirement on the beach

Executives and managers among BusinessWeek’s readers may beyears from retirement, but for many, it’s not the money they need to worry about. Well, they do, but there’s another whole set of issues: What do you do when there is no longer the daily schlep to the office? Who will be the next adrenaline rush? As baby boomers near the end of their careers, many just don’t have a clue. The theme of “getting psyched to retire” lent itself to the humorous painting by Anita Kruz of a manager and his analyst at the beach.

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National Geographic (November 2005)Elder Okinawan man doing a headstand on the sand

The November 2006 cover of National Geographic centers on a story on longevity, which focuses on three areas around the world where people live to ages well into their hundreds while leading very active lives. The cover model, Fumiyasu Yamakawa, 84, was shot by photographer David Mclain. Yamakawa lives in Naha, Okinawa and was practicing his daily yoga routine at an urban beach in Naha in this shot. He is a former office worker who has since retired and taken on the task of teaching the younger generation how to live a longer, healthier life and proving that you can remain very active as you edge closer to the century mark. He was training for the annual decathlon by running, swimming and practicing yoga daily. According to the Okinawan, one of the keys to living longer is “ikigai.” The word translates roughly to “that which makes one’s life worth living.” Mclain spent 3 weeks photographing this story and met Yamakawa the night before he left. The cover photo was taken 10 minutes before he wrapped up his assignment and left for the airport.

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The Out Traveler (Spring 2006)Naked man draped in towel in Istanbul hammam (Turkish bath)

A great travel cover is a glimpse into a moment, transporting a reader to another place and another frame of mind. It provides not only the encouragement to open the next page, but inspires a reader to think one important thought, “I wish I were there!” This Istanbul cover evokes such a moment. Presenting a mix of quiet escape and sexy solitude, this repose in a classic hammam becomes a perfect passport to the Turkish city, and the compelling motivation to continue the journey inside.

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